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Barbara as a child c. 1903
Adela Adam, Barbara's mother
James Adam, Barbara's father
Barbara c. 1916
c. 1922
Emmanuel House, Cambridge, where Barbara lived as a child
John Wesley (Jack) Wootton, Barbara's first husband
Barbara and Jack's wedding, Cambridge, 5 September 1917


Jack Wootton's grave in the Longuenesse Souvenir Cemetery in France


Barbara, centre top in glasses, in Russia 1932


Barbara, bottom right, with friends, 1930s


George Wright, Barbara's second husband, mid-1940s

Barbara and George, c.1937


c. 1947


c. 1952


10th anniversary of Horizon Holidays, Lyons, 1959


British delegation to Liberia, 1963
'Any Questions', 1974


Barbara with one of her two donkeys


Barbara's 80th birthday party, 1977


Norwegian cruise, 1983


Ann Oakley and Vera Seal, Barbara Wootton’s long-term colleague and Carer, during the writing of A Critical Woman